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Distributor of Electrical Wiring Devices & Lighting Controls for Commercial, Residential & Industrial Applications

Wiring devices and lighting controls play a crucial role in electrical installations for commercial, residential, and industrial environments. At AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we work hard to ensure that our New York State clients have a comprehensive selection of safe and reliable wiring devices. That’s why we offer an extensive range of models from Pass & Seymour, which come under the Legrand brand.

Legrand’s Pass & Seymour brand offers a full range of PlugTail, nickel, and titanium devices, along with high quality lighting controls. Their PlugTail line greatly enhances productivity for nearly any commercial job. They increase the overall level of control, allowing greater leverage over jobsite risks and labor costs. PlugTail allows the most complex wiring tasks to be performed at the front of the project. Instead of pigtails, the pre-stripped leads of the connector can be installed at the rough-in stage. Then, during installation, the connector can be clicked in and the mounting screws tightened in a process that takes less than one minute. This avoids time-consuming processes such as preparing, stripping, and looping the conductors. It eliminates many possible mistakes that could result in reworking and callbacks. Many nickel devices are available as well, and these include decorative wall plates and switches. A broad selection of GFCI combinations is available that provide a high level of style and function. Finally, for lustrous decorative finishes that also offer rugged corrosion resistance, we offer Pass & Seymour’s line of titanium decorator switches and receptacles.

For further information about the many electrical devices we offer at AAI, please contact us directly.

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