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Supplier of Advanced Power Distribution Equipment

At AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we are proud to bring the best electrical power products and manufacturers from around the world to our New York State clients. We have partnered with Cooper, ABB, Federal Pacific, and Siemens to offer many advanced solutions in power distribution. When our customers have the best power distribution products, it provides their businesses with increased energy efficiency, improved productivity, and higher profits.

For instance, ABB offers a full line of Flexitest Switch Assemblies that provide quick and convenient multi-circuit testing. ABB offers a complete family of test switches. Their FT-1 is a standard 10 pole with a rear connected test switch, while the FT-1F line allows the user to make the same connections on the front. The ABB FT-1X features an extended length test switch which brings the rear terminal connections to a similar depth to most panel mounted protective relays, allowing for easier and faster access to wiring points. Extensions for 8 or 10 inch depth are available. Further options include the FT-14, FT-19R, and FT19RX for even more flexible options. The DAS Switch and iDC Control from Cooper has an automation switch that provides reliable and economic switching, sectionalizing, advanced metering, and automation systems. We also work with Siemens, one of the largest manufacturers in the world, to provide intelligent, communications-capable products to protect systems for many important industries, including commercial, utility, mining, industrial, and renewable energy.

Additional power distribution solutions are offered from G&W.  These products offer maximum operator safety, minimal maintenance and application versatility including multi-way configurations, mounting flexibility, bushing variety, visible break, overcurrent protection & smart grid/lazer solutions.  Product lines from G&W include underground distribution switches, reclosers, overhead distribution switches, current limiting system protection, distribution & transmission cable accessories & junction bars.

To find out more about the power distribution equipment options that are available, please contact us directly.

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