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Supplier of Electrical Protective Boxes for Sensitive Equipment

It’s important for every industry that works with electrical supplies to have high quality boxes to protect their sensitive equipment. An electrical system could have serious problems with just a wayward spark. That’s why, at AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we supply protective boxes of all shapes and sizes from top quality manufacturers. These electrical boxes are designed to confine, contain, and withstand events such as explosions within them. They are also made to weather the effects of corrosion over time. We provide high quality boxes for whatever condition and wiring requirements our customers may need.

We are proud to work with high quality manufacturers such as O-Z Gedney. O-Z Gedney has been manufacturing fittings and enclosures of the highest quality for over 150 years, offering brands that are synonymous with durability, safety, and easy installation. They offer steel boxes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and options. Round, square, and octagon boxes are all available with options that include armored cable clamps, conduit knock outs, and ground wire. A number of cast device boxes and covers are available as well. These accommodate wiring devices and provide openings to splice, tap, or pull conductors. The quality of these boxes is guaranteed by their UL listing and CSA certification.


To learn more about the many different boxes available from O-Z Gedney, please contact us directly.

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