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Distributor of Motor Control Systems for Low & Medium Voltage Applications

Accurate, state-of-the-art motor control systems are essential to today’s automated industrial operations. At AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we supply our New York State clients with low and medium voltage motor controls from the top manufacturers in the field. We carry turnkey motor, machine control, and protection devices from Benshaw. These systems are of such high quality that they are used in aircraft carrier and submarine applications for the US Navy. The Benshaw line of products includes intelligent low voltage solid state, medium and high voltage motor control solutions offer mission critical reliability, soft start technology and integrated electronic protection.  We also offer extended automation solutions from ABB.  The System 800xA is built to provide integrated environments that are required to increase productivity while reducing overall risk and total cost of ownership.  This platform provides the environment necessary to collaborate between multiple organizations and departments to work as a single unit.

In addition, we carry SIRIUS, a brand from Siemens. SIRIUS modular systems offer all that is necessary for the protection, switching, and starting of motors and systems. There is a complete range of standard components under the SIRIUS name, accommodating power levels up to 250 kW / 400 V in seven matched sizes. These can be easily combined with each other for maximum flexibility. Other highlights of the SIRIUS system include feeder combinations that can be plug-connected completely without tools. This is accomplished by its spring-loaded connection system. These systems feature 2- and 3- phase 3RR2 current monitoring relays, which are used for direct mounting on contactors. The 3RA27 and 3RA28 function modules can be plugged on to contactors, allowing for simple assembly of direct-on-line, star-delta, and reversing starters. These modules also can be used to connect to the control via IO-Link or AS-Interface with a minimal amount of wiring. SIRIUS has a comprehensive portfolio of products that covers nearly every industrial control application, from monitoring and control devices to safety systems and industrial communication.


To learn more about the motor controls available, please contact us directly.

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