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Distributor of Motion Control Devices for Automated Machinery Systems

Motion control is a key piece of most automated systems, and at AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we distribute the best of these products from suppliers such as Siemens and Stober. Our New York State customers can choose from a variety of superior quality motion control devices. Stober carries a number of inline, offset, hollow, and right angle gearheads under the ServoFit™ brand, which are ideal for a wide range of applications. Motion control products from Siemens include PLCs with integrated motion servomotors, main, linear, torque, and spindle motors. Each motion control system features compact design and a high degree of operating efficiency. They are also known for excellent dynamics and precision, and include a wide range of performance classes and installation sizes.

Advanced SIMOTION motion control systems from Siemens are well known for their ability to handle nearly any discipline with exceptional quality. These systems provide maximum flexibility with user-friendly design. The most complex machinery can be automated with the highest levels of efficiency. SIMOTION systems offer unified engineering, providing all the tools needed for motion control from a single source. These systems also have software that allows the generation of motion sequences with simplicity and flexibility. SIMOTION offers three hardware platforms to allow users the freedom to choose which is best for the individual application. This technology allows users to take advantage of some of the most advanced motion control technology available on the market today.

For more information about the motion control devices we offer, please contact us directly.

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