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Distributor of Machine Safety Equipment for Industrial & Original Equipment Manufacturers

Industrial safety products are vital to provide protection for the personnel of any work environment. With the right equipment, safety can be well ensured while maintaining maximum productivity. At AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we provide original equipment manufacturers and industrial end users in New York State with safety products from the biggest names in the field, including Omron STI, Euchner, and Siemens. Omron STI offers leading edge solutions to customers the world over, and features a long list of safety products for the factory floor. These include safety light curtains, safety mats, safety interlock switches, force-guided relays, awareness signs, and many others. Euchner offers safety products that cover a number of areas, including interlock switches, relays, and hand held pendant stations. From Siemens, a number of options are available, including an award winning distributed safety portfolio of products such as safety rated PLCs and I/O, integrated safety in drives and motion controls and stand-alone safety systems.

The safety products we carry demonstrate the changing and increasing role safety is playing in industrial workspaces. International safety standards are fundamentally shifting the way industrial systems are reviewed and evaluated. The cost of accidents can be very high. Apart from direct medical expenses and worker compensation, many indirect costs are involved as well. Lost production, replaced damage goods, OSHA fines, and higher workers’ compensation premiums all add up. When the emotional toll of being involved in an accident is factored in, the true cost of unsafe practices becomes apparent. By employing our wide variety of safeguarding equipment, industry leaders are not only safeguarding their valuable machinery, but also their most important investment of all: their employees.


To find out additional information about our selection of safety products, please contact us directly.

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