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Distributor of Lighting Solutions & Accessories for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional & Residential Applications

Industrial lighting is highly important to a wide spectrum of industries, and at AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we serve our New York State customers with a host of lighting options. Several sustainable lights and accessories are available from lighting industry leaders such as Philips, Hubbell and Lutron. These products are focused on improving work environments and providing environmentally friendly and control solutions such as indoor and outdoor lighting products for commercial, industrial, institutional, among others! 

A large portion of annual energy expense, for any business, is an area in which we can be of great assistance. We have aligned ourselves with quantum level manufacturers that offer a wide variety of today’s high efficiency products. We are an authorized distributor for nearly all major manufactures. Proper illumination, using the right fixture and control option for specific designations, while minimizing both maintenance and energy expense is the ultimate goal for all!

Choose us to help with your next capital improvement project for a lower total cost of ownership. From a decorative corporate conference room to explosion proof fuel storage area, to outdoor high mast lighting, emergency and life safety, AAI can assist you with design and product selection. Retro-fit projects save energy: HID to HIF > 50%, HID to LED > 70%, HIF to LED > 40%. Savings like this can reduce variable high demand charges that apply to your total electrical load seasonally.

For more information about the many lighting options we provide, please contact us directly.


Available Product Categories and Incentive Level Ranges

Available Products
Incentiive Range
LED Exterior Luminaires with dimming controls
$60 - $205
LED Exterior Luminaires
$60 - $185
LED Bi-level Stairwell Luminaire with integrated control
LED Interior High and Low Bay Luminaires with integrated controls
$65 - $135
LED Interior High and Low Bay Luminaires
$50 - $110
LED Troffers, Integrated Retrofit Kits and Linear Ambient Fixtures with integrated controls
$20 - $40
LED Troffers, Integrated Retrofit Kits and Linear Ambient Fixtures
$20 - $30

Program Requirements

  • Eligible products must be on the qualified equipment list to receive incentives.

  • Please be sure to have the end-use customer's account number available. Customers can call 1-800-642-4272 to confirm their account number.

  • Products purchased must be installed within 30 days.

  • National Grid may randomly inspect installations at customer facilities.

  • Only non-residential electric metered customers in National Grid's Upstate NY Service territory, who pay the SBC, are eligible to participate.

Getting Your National Grid
Incentive has Never Been Easier

Increase Customer Satisfaction 

Energy-efficient lighting measures and controls are a bright idea for any business.
Discounted pricing and incentives are available for energy-efficient commercial lighting systems and controls with minimal paperwork and issued right at our counter!
It's so much easier for your customer - with incentives issued on the spot!

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