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Distributor of Enclosures & Enclosure Accessories for Sensitive Equipment Protection

Enclosures and related accessories are vital for all businesses that need to protect sensitive equipment. If a company’s controls, information, power supplies, and electronics are vulnerable, the integrity and very existence of the business could be at stake. That’s why at AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company we work with top level enclosure manufacturers such as Hoffman.

Hoffman designs and manufactures enclosures that provide safe and reliable protection for many different areas. They offer over 11,000 standard products and accessories for the industries that need it most, including data communications, industrial, government, and commercial construction applications. Enclosures are fabricated from aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and non-metallic materials. These isolate critical controls from harsh environments and ensure that equipment performs even under the most difficult conditions. For example, Chapter 1 Type 1 boxes and enclosures are typically used for merging conductors, power distribution, and housing/splicing control assemblies. They are offered with or without knockouts, and come in many different styles and sizes. These boxes are also available with thermostatically controlled forced-air ventilation systems to protect against environments with high levels of heat. The quality of Hoffman products is guaranteed by their global ISO 9000 certificate and their in-house UL laboratory; their products meet stringent standards set by UL, CSA, NEMA, and many others. The experience and expertise of Hoffman ensure that our New York State customers receive superior quality protection they can count on.

We also offer special design enclosures and enclosures for special applications from Mencom.  These products include hoods without entry, hoods for ribbon cable, gaskets, cable passing hoods, enclosures for in-line joints and t-box couplings. The standard aluminum die cast enclosures use stainless steel locking systems that provide consistent clamping for and protection.

To learn more about these enclosures, please contact us directly.

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