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Supplier of Transformers for Industrial End Users & Original Equipment Manufacturers

At AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we connect with the best suppliers to provide high tech electrical equipment to OEMs all across New York State. We provide a variety of control and power transformers. This is why we distribute a diverse and flexible variety of transformers from the top manufacturers in the business. Manufacturers include Siemens, Hammond Power, Federal Pacific, ACME and Sola/HD.

We carry transformers with uncompromising quality and safety, including low and medium voltage models from Siemens. All Siemens products are produced according to ISO 9001:2000 standards. Their low voltage distributor transformers do not require vaults for installation, eliminating the need for low voltage feeders and saving clients a great deal of expense. Medium voltage transformers from Siemens are available in several varieties, including dry and liquid-filled types. Hammond Manufacturing is another source for superior transformers, with many small, medium and large power transformers available, with high voltage models up to 35,000V. Finally, from Federal Pacific, we carry products that can fulfill many industrial needs. They include FB encapsulated, industrial control, high voltage general purpose, and many other transformer types.


To find out more about the transformers we offer for OEMs, please contact us directly.

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