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Supplier of Electrical Equipment Channels & Strut Solutions

At AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we have been providing complete electrical equipment solutions for our New York State customers for close to 70 years. We partner with the best manufacturers to find the right equipment to fulfill any electrical requirement. This is exemplified by the strut systems we offer from Cooper Industries. Cooper B-Line is one of the largest manufacturers of bolted framing and strut support systems. Their products are used to support equipment for a wide variety of applications, including commercial, utility, industrial, and OEM installations. Each and every product they produce holds to the highest standards of design, research, manufacturing, and engineering.

The Cooper B-Line offers economical support applications with many advantages. They include a number of time-saving features. They can be installed quickly and easily, with no welding or drilling required. A wrench and a hacksaw are the only tools that are needed. They are fully adjustable and reusable, and provide vital strength and stability to various support system applications. Cooper also offers cold formed metal framing channels. They are designed with the ability to make attachments at any point, with a slotted series of channels that offer full flexibility while eliminating the need for precise field measuring for the location of holes. All of Cooper’s products meet stringent industry standards, guaranteeing that they are of the highest quality.


To learn more about the strut systems available, please contact us directly.

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