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Distributor of AC & DC Drives for Industrial & OEM Customers

Drives are essential for efficiently and accurately controlling the speed of industrial machinery, and at AAI, A Power-Flo Technology Company, we offer some of the best drives in the business. A wide range of drives are available for industrial and OEM customers, all of which maximize energy efficiency and optimize process control. From ABB, a number of low voltage AC and DC drives are available, along with medium voltage AC drives. ABB drives feature application specific functionality and control for a variety of motor types. Siemens, a world leader in drive technology, offers many high quality options as well. They offer leading edge drives, motors, gear units, couplings, and more. Siemens also offers fully integrated drive systems to ensure maximum productivity and energy efficiency.

Many of our customers turn to ABB standard drives for their simple and efficient operation. These drives feature user and process interfaces with common software tools for sizing, fieldbuses, connectivity, commissioning, common spare parts, and maintenance. Their many highlights include vector control, coated boards for extreme environments, a flashdrop drive parameterization tool, and highly intuitive use and design. ABB standard drives are fully RoHS compliant. From Siemens, we offer the SINAMICS drive family for industry machinery and plant construction. SINAMICS drives provide a number of solutions for multiple drive tasks. These tasks include simple pump/fan applications, complicated single-motor drives, high-precision servo drives, common DC bus, drive line-ups, and many others. The system properties of these drives include broad power range, high flexibility, energy efficiency, standardized engineering, and versatile interfacing facilities to higher level controllers. With products such as the ABB standard drives and the SINAMCS drive family, our customers are ensured drives with an uncompromising level of control and efficiency.

To find out more about the drives available from ABB and Siemens, please contact us directly.

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