Distributor of Wiring Devices & Connectors for OEM and Industrial Customers

We bring world class products from the best electrical equipment suppliers to our New York State customers, and at AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we specialize in providing original equipment manufacturers with the products they need. These include a diverse array of wiring devices and connectors. We carry a wide range of wiring solutions from Panduit. Their electrical products are innovative and quality driven, allowing customers to design and maintain a flexible physical infrastructure. Another important name in wiring devices is Weidmuller. Their OMNIMATE® line offers high quality solutions in the areas of signal, power, and housing. Multiple power distribution blocks are available from Mersen, including finger-safe and open-style models. Harting offers a number of multiple and subminiature connectors as well, providing simple construction, space saving design.

Also available from ABB is the SNK series of terminal blocks with screw clamp technology. ABB has over 60 years in producing screw clamps, with billions of these products in use worldwide. The SNK series features an excellent, modern design with high quality finishing. These screw clamps have an asymmetrical design which allows a marked improvement in product visibility. This shape creates a broad range of advantages. They are easy to handle, have improved holding adherence, and their shape helps prevent the risk of short-circuiting. The SNK series is designed for smooth maintenance operations, with handwriting possible and terminals that are equipped with markers and can be individually removed from the terminal assembly.

At Auburn Armature Inc. we also provide high quality, safe & reliable wiring devices from Meltric including switch rated, hazardous duty, multipin and standard duty plugs & receptacles. These products offer unique features not found on other pin and sleeve devices including spring-loaded butt contacts, solid silver-nickel contact material, dead front construction, spring-assisted terminals and push button circuit disconnection which help to ensure user safety and improve performance and reliability.

Another supplier that we offer at AAI  for industrial connection products is Mencom Corporation.  We are proud to offer high quality, cost effective products including junction blocks, rectangular connectors, panel interface connectors, ethernet switches, cables & receptacles as well as field wireables & cable glands.  

This is just a small sample of the devices and connectors we carry for wiring and control panel management applications. To learn more, please contact us directly.

ABB Wiring Devices & Connectors Product Catalogs

ABB SNK Series Terminal Blocks Main CatalogABB SNK Series Terminal Blocks Main Catalog(PDF - 3.40 MB)

Harting Wiring Devices & Connectors Product Catalogs

Harting Industrial Connectors CatalogHarting Industrial Connectors Catalog(PDF - 50.8 MB)

ILME Wiring Devices & Connectors Product Catalogs

ILME Multipole Connectors CatalogILME Multipole Connectors Catalog(PDF - 84.6 MB)

Meltric Wiring Devices & Connectors Product Catalogs

Meltric 2009 Product CatalogMeltric 2009 Product Catalog(PDF - 12.9 MB)

Mencom Wiring Devices & Connectors Product Catalogs

Mencom Wiring Devices & Connectors BrochureMencom Wiring Devices & Connectors Brochure(PDF - 14.0 MB)

Mersen Wiring Devices & Connectors Product Catalogs

Mersen The Advisor 111Mersen The Advisor 111(PDF - 36.3 MB)

Weidmuller Wiring Devices & Connectors Product Catalogs

Weidmuller Automation Connectivity PortfolioWeidmüller Automation Connectivity Portfolio(PDF - 1.70 MB)
Weidmuller Power Delivery Solutions Product Selection GuideWeidmuller Power Delivery Solutions Product Selection Guide(PDF - 1.56 MB)
Weidmuller SAK-Series - 2009-2010 CatalogWeidmuller SAK-Series - 2009-2010 Catalog(PDF - 12.9 MB)
RKC Instrument Interface Units & PLC Solutions - Catalog 4.5, North AmericaWeidmuller Interface Units & PLC Solutions - Catalog 4.5, North America(PDF - 278 KB)

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