Distributor of Weidmuller Connectors, Terminal Blocks & Electronics


With nearly 70 years of experience in distributing electronic equipment, we at AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company take pride in connecting our New York State clients with the best suppliers in the industry. This includes manufacturers with long traditions of quality and legendary reputations such as Weidmuller.

Weidmuller is a leading edge provider of connectors, terminal blocks, and electronics. Numerous and diverse connectors are available under the OMNIMATE® brand. These include signal products that reliably transmit many different signals in the smallest possible space. A number of high performance power connections are also available under the OMNIMATE® brand. These provide connections for sophisticated applications with a maximum safety level up to 600 volts. Other Weidmuller products include a diverse array of electronics such as analog signal conditioners, circuit protection, industrial Ethernet, and many others.

To find out more about the advanced wiring devices and connectors available from Weidmuller, please contact us directly.