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Industrial lighting is highly important to a wide spectrum of industries, and at AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we serve our New York State customers with a host of lighting options. A number of sustainable lights and accessories are available from lighting industry leaders such as Philips under both their LED and Daybright lines. Epheus Lighting, another innovator in LED lighting technology offers a wide range of industrial and commercial grade lighting options for indoor, outdoor, farm, manufacturing, wet and full weather environments. These products are focused on improving work environments while providing environmentally friendly lighting solutions. Philips offers many varieties of indoor and outdoor lighting, with numerous brands available for recessed, linear, industrial, decorative, and track lighting, among others. Additional lighting options are available from Cooper, now owned by Eaton. These include various addressable lighting controls that help conserve energy, reduce operating costs, and improve lighting quality, as well as a full selection of area, site, cove, and flood lighting. We also offer lighting options from Hubbell. They have a full range of outdoor and indoor lighting products for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential markets.

Another option for high-performance dimming capabilities, we offer a large selection of light fixture and control solutions from Lutron.  Their digital luminaire all come pre-assembled & tested and are backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.  These solutions are typically used for stairwells, conference rooms, classrooms, retail spaces and office space for their energy savings and ability to meet all building codes & standards.  Also offering industrial flourescent and LED lighting options is Williams.  By combinig the latest technologies and backed by years of high quality and performance, Williams is able to offer some of the most dependable fixtures on the market.  Product lines include high bay, wet location, induction, extreme temperature and standard utility lighting.  

A large portion of annual energy expense, for any business, is an area in which AAI can be of great assistance. We have aligned ourselves with quantum level manufacturers that offer a wide variety of today’s high efficiency products. AAI is an authorized distributor for nearly all major manufactures. Proper illumination, using the right fixture and control option for specific designations, while minimizing both maintenance and energy expense is the ultimate goal for all. Choose AAI to help with your next capital improvement project for a lower total cost of ownership. From a decorative corporate conference room, to explosion proof fuel storage area, to outdoor high mast lighting, emergency and life safety, AAI can assist you with design and product selection. Retro-fit projects save energy: HID to HIF > 50%, HID to LED > 70%, HIF to LED > 40%. Savings like this can reduce variable high demand charges that apply to your total electrical load seasonally.

For more information about the many lighting options we provide, please contact us directly.

Cooper Lighting Solutions & Accessories Product Catalogs

Cooper Lighting GuideCooper Lighting Guide(PDF - 3.45 MB)

Hubbell Lighting Solutions & Accessories Product Catalogs

Hubbell Lighting GuideHubbell Lighting Guide(PDF - 25.3 MB)

Lutron Controls Lighting Solutions & Accessories Product Catalogs

Lutron Digital Luminaire Product CatalogLutron Digital Luminaire Product Catalog(PDF - 2.10 MB)

Phillips Lighting Solutions & Accessories Product Catalogs

Phillips Home Lighting Catalog Phillips Home Lighting Catalog (PDF - 501 KB)
Phillips Industrial Lighting CatalogPhillips Industrial Lighting Catalog(PDF - 3.18 MB)
Phillips Lamp Specification CatalogPhillips Lamp Specification Catalog(PDF - 4.83 MB)
Phillips Office Lighting CatalogPhillips Office Lighting Catalog(PDF - 2.49 MB)
Phillips Outdoor Lighting CatalogPhillips Outdoor Lighting Catalog (PDF - 1.03 MB)

Williams Lighting Solutions & Accessories Product Catalogs

Williams Industrial Lighting CatalogWilliams Industrial Lighting Catalog(PDF - 1.96 MB)
Williams LED Lighting Solutions Product CatalogWilliams LED Lighting Solutions Product Catalog(PDF - 780 KB)

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