Distributor of Automation Systems for Industrial & Original Equipment Manufacturers

When industrial end users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in New York State require high quality automation equipment and systems, they can count on AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company. We specialize in leading edge products that include the latest automation hardware and systems from manufacturers such as Siemens. Siemens, a world leader in factory automation equipment, offers automation systems that accommodate the growing demands on machines in today’s industrial environments. Their innovative solutions include SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems, Motion Control System SIMOTION, HMI, SCADA, Integrated Safety, and RFID.

At Auburn Armature Inc. we also offer digital control equipment from RKC Instrument.  We are proud to offer single-loop temperature contollers, process controllers, system controllers, power controllers, communication converters, indicators & sensors.  These controllers are a great solution for automation in semiconductor, environmental, food processing, & plastics industries.

For more information about the automation products and systems available, please contact us directly.

Siemens support website

Siemens Automation Systems Product Catalogs

RKC Instrument PROFIBUS - IEC61158/61784 - February 2011Siemens PROFIBUS - IEC61158/61784 - February 2011(PDF - 4.33 MB)
RKC Instrument PROFINET AutomationSiemens PROFINET Automation(PDF - 496 KB)
RKC Instrument  SIMATIC Controllers - November 2011Siemens SIMATIC Controllers - November 2011(PDF - 1.88 MB)
RKC Instrument SIMATIC ET 200Siemens SIMATIC ET 200(PDF - 8.01 MB)
RKC Instrument SIMATIC HMI Basic PanelsSiemens SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels(PDF - 1.89 MB)
Siemens Catalog IK PI 2012Siemens Catalog IK PI 2012(PDF - 4.07 MB)
RKC Instrument SIMATIC NET Industrial Ethernet Brochure - June 2010Siemens SIMATIC NET Industrial Ethernet Brochure - June 2010 (PDF - 4.30 MB)
RKC Instrument SIMATIC Net Industrial Ethernet Switches (Scalance XB-000, XB-000G) - May 2009Siemens SIMATIC Net Industrial Ethernet Switches - May 2009 (PDF - 695 KB)
RKC Instrument SIMATIC Panel - November 2010Siemens SIMATIC Panel - November 2010 (PDF - 7.13 MB)
RKC Instrument SIMATIC RF 200Siemens SIMATIC RF 200 (PDF - 560 KB)
RKC Instrument SIMATIC RF 300 - September 2010Siemens SIMATIC RF 300 - September 2010 (PDF - 2.36 MB)
RKC Instrument SIMATIC S7-1500 plus TIA PortalSiemens SIMATIC S7-1500 plus TIA Portal (PDF - 888 KB)
RKC Instrument SIMATIC S7-400H & S7-400F/FH - January 2003Siemens SIMATIC S7-400H & S7-400F/FH - January 2003(PDF - 384 KB)
RKC Instrument SIMATIC WinCC - May 2012Siemens SIMATIC WinCC - May 2012(PDF - 5.85 MB)
RKC Instrument SIRIUS 3SE63 RFIDSiemens SIRIUS 3SE63 RFID(PDF - 1.04 MB)
RKC Instrument Wireless LANSiemens Wireless LAN (PDF - 3.65 MB)
Siemens Catalog ST 70Siemens Catalog ST 70(PDF - 57.53 MB)
Siemens Catalog ST 80Siemens Catalog ST 80(PDF - 36.11 MB)

RKC Instrument Automation Systems Product Catalogs

RKC Instrument Digital Control Equipment Product InformationRKC Instrument Digital Control Equipment Product Information
(PDF - 5.68 KB)

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