Supplier of Copper, Aluminum & Fiber Optic Wire & Cable for Building or Electronic Applications

Electrical wiring has been with us since electricity was first harnessed for commercial use. Today, customers have a range of choices when it comes to purchasing wire and cable. At AAI, A Power-Flo Technologies Company, we work with manufacturers like Southwire, Nexans, Prysmian and General Cable to provide wiring that safely meets our clients’ requirements.

Southwire is a worldwide manufacturer that delivers power to millions of people, with one in three new homes in the United States containing Southwire products. They are a highly innovative company, and are committed to renewable energy and environmental stewardship. They provide cabling products to effectively link solar panels to the grid with their SunGen suite of products, which help provide sustainable power while withstanding the difficult operating conditions associated with solar power applications. A wide selection of copper building wire is also available. This is the most frequently requested wiring option for residential and commercial construction applications. Southwire serves nearly all copper wire requirements for the electrical industry, with options specially designed to cover commercial projects, harsh industrial environments, and residential projects. We carry products like Teck 90 Cables, which feature fewer installation steps and reduced emission waste. Southwire’s HVTeck armored cable is another popular option that works reliably in the harshest circumstances. We also offer many wire and cable options from General Cable, a global leader in copper, aluminum, and fiber optic wire. General Cable products set the highest standards for building wire, central office cables, electronic cables, and many other applications.

Nexans is a  global expert in cables and cabling systems offering product lines for commercial, industrial & residential applications.  Selections of armored, component & specialty, conduit cable, control cable, direct bury, bare copper and unarmored cables and wires are all available. Offering advanced technology cables and systems is the globally known Prysmian Group.  They offer cable glands for simple industrial applications to complex hazardous area applications, a complete selection of cable cleats and fixing accessories for most cables designed for high performance, and all of the cable connectors & tooling that you will need to install most cable systems.

To learn more about the wire and cable options available, please contact us directly.

Southwire Copper, Aluminum & Fiber Optic Wire & Cable Product Catalogs

Southwire Building Wire CatalogSouthwire Building Wire Catalog (PDF - 4.24 MB)
Southwire Fiber Optic Cable CatalogSouthwire Fiber Optic Cable Catalog (PDF - 834 KB)

General Cable Copper, Aluminum & Fiber Optic Wire & Cable Product Catalogs

General Cable Datacom Cable CatalogGeneral Cable Datacom Cable Catalog (PDF - 5.9 MB)

Nexans Copper, Aluminum & Fiber Optic Wire & Cable Product Catalogs

Nexan Wire Cable CatalogNexans Wire Cable Catalog (PDF - 4.7 MB)

Prysmian Copper, Aluminum & Fiber Optic Wire & Cable Product Catalogs

Prysmian Wire & Cable CatalogPrysmian Wire & Cable Catalog (PDF - 3.4 MB)

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