Distributor of 3M Electrical & Mechanical Products


For close to 70 years, our team of experts at AAI, A Power-Flo Technology Company. has provided top level electrical and mechanical products to our customers throughout New York State. We work with the most innovative and influential manufacturers in the business, including 3M. Few companies can match 3M for their history of innovative products and recognizable brand names, and we are proud to provide many exceptional 3M products. Whether our clients need chemicals for protective coatings, precision cleaning, fire protection, or heat transfer, 3M delivers with high performing solutions. Many products for developing electronics are also available, serving industries that include commercial, hospitality, gaming, and retail. At AAI, A Power-Flo Technology Company, we carry 3M splicing tape, electrical wire connectors, and products that make workers, facilities, and systems safer. All of these exemplify 3M’s history of providing innovative products that reliably and economically solve problems.

To learn more about our partnership with 3M and how it can be put to work for you, please contact us directly.